Professional Writing, Editing & Training

I am a professional writer. Having spent just over seven years in legal practice, the majority of my work involves writing articles and content for law firms and companies serving the legal profession. However, I am interested in travel, adventure, local culture, outdoor activities, automotive, and other areas as well.

I am currently available for the following types of projects:

Web Content

I write web pages, blog articles, and articles for third-party publications. My primary experience includes writing content for law firms in nearly all areas of practice, as well as companies that provide services to law firms. I have written well over 10,000 pages and articles published by and on behalf of:

  • Law firms (see a list of practice areas)
  • Lawyer membership organizations
  • A trial consulting and technology firm
  • Plaintiff’s lawsuit funding companies
  • An international business acquisition and HR consulting firm
  • A general contractor

This is in addition to my personal academic, bar, and third-party publications.

Other Writing

Book chapters, white papers, long-form articles, FAQs, video scripts, newsletters, press releases – I like it all. If you have a project that needs concise, professional, and compelling content, I can help.


Whether your website needs cleaning up, a refresh, or a complete re-write, I can improve your firm’s online presence and help better address your intended audience. I am also available to provide editing and proofreading services for briefs, memoranda, and other documents.

I offer two levels of editing services:

Level 1 (Basic Editing):
  • Grammatical proofreading
  • Correction of typographic issues
  • Basic stylistic improvements (e.g., correcting use of passive voice)
Level 2 (Full-Scale Editing):
  • All Level 1 services, plus:
  • Sentence and paragraph-level reorganization
  • Improved readability
  • Easier cognitive comprehension
  • Fix unnecessary repetition

Corporate and Non-Profit Training

I am available to provide on-site training programs for corporate and non-profit organizations. Whether you are interested in a company-wide presentation or one or more small-session seminars with individual groups or departments, I can help improve the professionalism of your employees’ communications and enhance the quality of their work product.

Inquire Today

If you would like more information about my services, or if you are interested in hiring me for a project or training program, please get in touch. To get started, submit an inquiry online and I will respond as soon as possible.