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The Two Keys to Impactful Law Firm Web Content: Empathy and Ability

Does your website try to convince prospective clients to contact you, or does it lead them to convince themselves? When it comes to content marketing, this is a critical distinction, and one that I explore in the article that follows.

Getting Clients is About Giving Them what They Want

For law firms that are relatively new to using – and I mean really using – the Internet to grow their client base, knowing how to develop quality website and blog content can be a challenge. Even getting to this point begs the question: What does ‘quality’ really mean when it comes to online content?

To a certain extent, the answer depends on what you want to get out of your law firm’s online presence. For the sake if this article, we’ll assume that your firm is like most others, and is seeking to harness the power of the Internet to grow its book of business.

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Why Isn’t Anyone Calling?

If your law firm isn’t getting enough leads, here are some thoughts on how you can use content marketing and other tools to get prospects to pick up the phone.

Learning from Television

Ok, so this is where I admit that maybe, just maybe, in certain, limited respects, I’m a little bit behind the times. Specifically, I just finished watching the first season of Better Call Saul.

Yes, Season 2 starts next week, and no, I don’t have cable. So, yes, I waited months and months and months to watch a short, and frankly a little bit slow, season of television that most of the world watched a long, long time ago.

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How Small Law Firms Can Use Content Marketing to Target New Clients

How Small Law Firms Can Use Content Marketing to Target New Clients

In this article , I provide an overview of the benefits of content marketing and discuss five ways that law firms can develop more-effective online content. The article targets an audience of small firm lawyers in particular–these lawyers are most likely to be trying to write their own marketing content and are also strong candidates for professional content marketing services.

If you are seeking to grow your practice, content marketing may be the way to go. Potential clients in all practice areas are turning to the Internet to find lawyers more now than ever before.

As a solo or small firm lawyer who spends some time on the Internet, you may be familiar with the concept of “content marketing.” With more and more prospects turning to the web to look for lawyers, content marketing is quickly becoming an essential tool for law firms to build their books of business.

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Can I Write About That? Ideas for Extending the Reach of Your Blawg

Can I Write About That? Ideas for Extending the Reach of Your Blawg

This article considers ways that lawyers can look outside of their core practice areas to find topics that may be of interest to their clients and prospects. Using the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, I discuss how law firms can use current events to target their intended audiences and drive more relevant traffic to their websites.

How Thinking Outside the Box Can Drive Prospects to Your Firm’s Website

Let’s face it: Most lawyers’ blogs are pretty stale. Maybe not to you or me, but to your prospects? How about an article with a title article along the lines of, “Ninth Circuit Issues Landmark Ruling in Eminent Domain Litigation.” Sounds enthralling. Right? Right? Bueller?

The reality is that the stuff that matters to lawyers just doesn’t matter to the vast majority of their clients and prospects. Yes, landmark decisions are critically important, and yes, they affect your clients’ cases. But, do your prospects really care about the appellate history or the court’s reasoning? No, they don’t. All they care about is that you can help them get what they want as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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Engaging Prospects with Your Law Firm Website Content

When writing for the web, law firms need to be able to see their content from their potential clients’ points of view. In this article, I discuss some key considerations for making sure that your content speaks to your intended audience.

Law Firm Website Content: It’s About Speaking to Your Potential Clientele

So, you understand that your firm’s website is a marketing tool. But, what exactly does that mean? What kind of content not only (a) draws potential clients to your website, but also (b) keeps them there and leads them to contact you for help?

The answer to a certain extent, you’ll appreciate, is “it depends.” More on that below. However, the general rule is that your website should focus less on your firm and more on its website visitors.

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Website Content as an Element of Design

Can the structure of your website’s page content and blog articles affect reader engagement? Studies say so, and I tend to agree. This article examines the importance of structuring your content so that it entices visitors to stick around and learn more.

Effective Use of Content Structure Can Improve Engagement with Potential Clients

When drafting content for your law firm’s website, quality must be a top priority. There is no question about that. You want your online content to convey your attorneys’ professionalism and knowledgeability, while at the same time incorporating your desired tone and level of personality.

However, equally important is creating readable content. This means not only that your law firm website and blog read well, but that they are easy to read as well. When it comes to Internet marketing, this can have as much to do with the structure of your web pages and blog articles as their content.

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Using Your Website to Drive Business to Your Law Firm

Getting found online requires visibility. In this article, I discuss four methods for boosting the visibility of your law firm’s website: SEO, link building, social media, and real-life (yes, real-life) networking.

Increasing the Visibility of Your Law Firm’s Website

There is not much point in having a website if no one knows it exists. It can be extremely frustrating to pay a web designer only to find that your traffic level is next to nil, and then be left feeling helpless as to how to build an effective online presence. This article provides four recommendations for increasing the visibility of your law firm’s website.

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