Can the structure of your website’s page content and blog articles affect reader engagement? Studies say so, and I tend to agree. This article examines the importance of structuring your content so that it entices visitors to stick around and learn more.

Effective Use of Content Structure Can Improve Engagement with Potential Clients

When drafting content for your law firm’s website, quality must be a top priority. There is no question about that. You want your online content to convey your attorneys’ professionalism and knowledgeability, while at the same time incorporating your desired tone and level of personality.

However, equally important is creating readable content. This means not only that your law firm website and blog read well, but that they are easy to read as well. When it comes to Internet marketing, this can have as much to do with the structure of your web pages and blog articles as their content.

What do We Mean by Readable Content?

Let’s consider two examples. First, here is a screenshot from an article I wrote for my previous law firm content marketing website:

A Fortiori good content design sample

Not to toot my own horn, but I think this looks pretty good. It’s easy to read, and the structure of the content lends itself nicely to both:

  • Clear headers and sub-headers that allow for quick skimming, and
  • Lists that easily organize the more granular substance of the article.

When writing for the web, both of these are critically important. If your law firm’s website is just a sea of words, people are going to lose interest before they even get started. As reported by and the BBC, potential readers can make snap judgments about websites in less than a tenth of a second. Note the use of the term “potential readers.” If someone doesn’t like the way your website looks, they aren’t going to stick around.

Now, let’s take a look at a second example:

A Fortiori bad content design sample

This is the same article, but without headers and sub-headers, and with the lists buried in paragraph format. See the difference? Your potential readers do.

Of Course, Substance Still Matters

Once the design of your law firm website’s content attracts a potential reader’s attention, the substance of your content is what will keep them interested. As a result, your content needs to not only look good, but provide valuable, actionable information as well.

In short, your website’s content needs to both:

  • Grasp potential readers’ attention quickly, and
  • Keep readers interested while building trust and rapport.

Only by achieving both of these functions will your law firm’s website content help drive business through the door.

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