About Me

Jeff Fabian, Owner of FabianWrites

A Former In-House Corporate Lawyer Who has Been Writing for Law Firms and Other Businesses Full-Time Since 2015

In 2015, I left my career as an in-house corporate lawyer to become a writer. I bought a house near the ocean, bought a desk and a mobile hotspot, did quite a bit of planning and preparation, and then made one of the biggest – and best – decisions of my life. Today, I write for law firms and businesses worldwide, and my writing has been featured in media outlets including Fast Company, Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo!, CEO World, International Business Times, Fox Business, National Law Review, JDSupra, and Attorney At Law Magazine.

As a former lawyer, much of my career as a professional writer has been devoted to writing for law firms. However, the breadth of my experience has grown over the years, and I have now written for businesses ranging from startups to large multi-national companies. My clients have included businesses in a wide range of industries, and I have particular interest in the areas of automotive journalism, boating, outdoor life, investing, real estate, travel, and the law. In addition to providing professional writing services through this website, I am also the CEO and Lead Writer at Smart Content.

I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina with my family. When not writing, I enjoy running, kayaking, sailing, and taking photos. I have run more than a dozen ultramarathons, and one of my favorite ways to spend a morning is with a cup of coffee on the dock.

I provide professional writing and coaching services to all types of businesses and professionals. If you need a writer or writing coach, I encourage you to get in touch. While I particularly enjoy working with local clients in Charleston, I routinely write for law firms and companies throughout the United States, and I have written for companies in countries around the world.