Book Ghostwriting and Editing for Professionals and Personalities

I Am a Former Lawyer and Full-Time Writer Who Ghostwrites and Edits Books for Professionals and High-Profile Individuals

I ghostwrite and edit books for professionals and high-profile individuals. Publishing a book can be a great way to increase your exposure and create a new revenue stream—but only if your book is of the quality your readers expect and demand. Publishing a poorly written or unedited book can have the opposite of its intended effect, and this is a mistake that I see far too often.

I am a professional writer who practiced law for seven years before making the transition to writing full-time. As a result, I tend to take a highly structured and organized approach to the writing process. But, I emphasize creativity as well; and, when ghostwriting or editing a book, I work hard to ensure that my client’s voice shines through.

My Book Ghostwriting Process

Ghostwriting a book is a time-intensive process. By taking a structured and organized approach, I ensure that the process is as efficient as possible; and, once we decide on a deadline, you can expect me to meet it. My book ghostwriting process involves:

  • Initial Interview – We will start with an initial interview so I can learn about your goals with your book project. During this interview, we will cover topics like subject matter and length, and we will begin mapping out the next steps in the process.
  • Preliminary Research – One of my primary next steps after an initial interview is to conduct preliminary research. Gathering information up front gives me a better idea of how to approach the project and organize your book.
  • Book Organization – While organizing a book is a fluid process, it is important to have a foundation from which to build. With this in mind, I typically start by creating a draft table of contents that I use to flesh out an outline for each chapter.
  • The First Chapter – After developing the initial structure of your book, the writing begins. I will write the first chapter to completion and then provide it for your review and feedback.
  • Project Completion – Based on the feedback you provide on the first chapter, I will continue working on your book to completion. This, too, will be a collaborative process, and I will keep you duly involved and informed along the way.

Editing Your Book Prior to Submission or Publication

If you have written a book (or mostly written a book) and are preparing to submit it to an agency or publisher, I can edit your book to make sure that any mistakes or oversights do not detract from your subject matter or story. I provide editing services for self-published books as well. When editing books, I focus on providing improvements in five primary areas:

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Sentence and Paragraph Structure
  • Voice and Tone Consistency
  • Readability for Your Intended Audience
  • Overall Organization

If you are interested in having your book edited, the first step is to send me a chapter to review. Based on this review, I will be able to provide an estimate of the cost and timeframe to complete your book project.

Types of Projects

My experience includes working on a variety of non-fiction and fiction books. I currently provide book ghostwriting and editing services for:

  • Fiction Books (Editing Only)
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Promotional E-Books
  • Memoirs
  • Chapters for Textbooks and Other Educational Materials

Areas of Interest

Due to the amount of time and effort involved in ghostwriting and editing books, I only take projects that are within my areas of interest. Currently, I am interested in working on book projects that involve:

  • Adventure and Outdoor Life
  • Automotive
  • Boating and Sailing
  • Business
  • Investing and Personal Finance
  • Law
  • Music
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Travel

Contact Me About Ghostwriting Your First (or Next) Book

If you would like to speak with me about ghostwriting or editing your book, I encourage you to get in touch. Send me a message to get started, and I will be in touch as soon as possible.