Law Firm Blog Article Writing

I Have Written Thousands of Law Firm Blog Articles Covering Nearly All Practice Areas

There are lots of reasons for a law firm to regularly update its blog. While one of the main benefits of an active blog is to support the firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, law firm blog article writing and SEO don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. I also regularly write blog articles without any emphasis on SEO—with the focus instead simply on demonstrating the firm’s engagement and capabilities to clients, prospects and referral sources.

Since leaving the practice of law to write full-time in 2015, I have written thousands of law firm blog articles covering nearly all practice areas. While I also write website content, guest articles, press releases and other media assets, writing law firm blog articles is definitely my bread and butter. If you are interested in getting your law firm on a regular monthly blogging schedule, or if you work for a web design or SEO agency and need someone who is experienced in law firm blog article writing, I encourage you to get in touch.

My Law Firm Blog Writing Services

I write blog articles for law firms throughout the United States. I have also written articles for firms located in various countries around the world. When providing blog article writing services to law firms—whether directly or through their web design or SEO agencies—my approach involves:

  • Article Topic Selection and Planning – You can be as involved (or uninvolved) as you’d like in the topic selection and planning process. For many law firms, I generate topics and draft articles on a monthly basis without any prior approvals. I prefer to plan out some topics in advance (including series of articles that cover topics in depth), while leaving flexibility to cover new developments when they arise.
  • Word Count Selection – Law firm blog articles typically range from 500 to 1,500 words. I base word count on the article topic, SEO needs (if any), and the firm’s overall monthly blogging allotment.
  • SEO Strategy Integration (if Desired) – When writing law firm blog articles for SEO purposes, I incorporate keywords, secondary keywords and related phrases in line with current SEO best practices. But, in doing so, I make sure that the article does not read like it was written solely for SEO purposes. I regularly work with law firms’ SEO agencies, and I work closely with a law firm SEO consultant who we can engage as necessary as well.
  • Monthly Blogging Schedules – For law firm blog article writing, I generally require a monthly blogging schedule. Otherwise, the process isn’t worth it for anyone. We can develop a schedule that meets your firm’s needs and budget, and we can modify your firm’s schedule over time as warranted.
  • Professionally Written, Custom-Tailored Law Firm Blog Articles – I take pride in writing what I truly believe are some of the best law firm blog articles on the Internet. I have read a lot of law firm blog articles, and I know that the quality varies to a staggering degree. I am a former lawyer and professional writer who has been writing online content for law firms full-time since 2015.

Ultimately, we can work together to develop a monthly blogging plan that meets your law firm’s specific needs. This isn’t a complicated process; and, with a plan in place, the rest of the process will move forward smoothly. I currently write monthly blog articles for several law firms, and I have written for many of these firms for several years.

5 Key Principles for Effective Law Firm Blog Article Writing

A custom-tailored approach is the key to writing blog articles that speak to a law firm’s target audience and help convert website visitors into clients. With that said, there are certain fundamental tenets of effective law firm blog article writing. For example, with every article I write, I emphasize considerations such as:

  • Timeliness (or Timelessness) – In most cases, law firm blog articles should either be timely (i.e., they should address recent developments in the law), or they should be timeless (i.e., they should be as relevant five years from now as they are today).
  • Relevance – Far too often, I see law firms publish blog articles that simply aren’t relevant to their target audience. Even if an article gets a lot of traffic, if it doesn’t lead to conversions, it isn’t worthwhile.
  • Tone and Voice – Law firm blog articles need to be written with the firm’s target audience in mind. An article written for business owners or executives will (or should) read very differently from an article written to inform victims of slips and falls or motor vehicle accidents.
  • Organization – Law firm blog articles should have a clear roadmap from beginning to end. They should be easy to read and digest, and they should make it easy for readers to learn what they need to know.
  • Quality – For law firm blog articles, quality matters. Simply put, a poorly written article will reflect poorly on your firm. For publishing blog articles to serve its intended purpose, a firm’s articles must be reflective of the firm’s professionalism, capabilities and expertise.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Just like practicing law, writing effective online content requires time, skill, creativity and focus. As a professional writer who used to practice law, I have a clear understanding of what it takes to write effective online content for law firms.

How We Move Forward

If you are interested in moving forward with a monthly blogging schedule for your law firm, the process from here is pretty easy. Simply get in touch to get started. I will respond promptly, and then we can develop a plan that works for you and your firm going forward.