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Former Lawyer Who Has Been Writing Law Firm Website Content Full-Time Since 2015

I am a former lawyer who has written law firm website content full-time since 2015. As a lawyer, writing briefs and motions was always my favorite aspect of practice; and, when I worked for a small law firm (and eventually started my own law firm), one of my favorite tasks was writing articles to submit to bar journals or publish online.

Fast forward to today, and I have written law firm website content in almost every area of practice. This includes content targeting both businesses and individuals. While much of my work is in the consumer sphere (i.e., criminal defense, estate planning, family law and personal injury), I am equally comfortable writing about mergers and acquisitions, copyright and trademark protection, franchising, and other business-related legal matters.

How I Can Help

I write clear and audience-focused law firm website content. When it comes to online content, law firms need to address readability and being informative in equal measure. A law firm’s website content should convey the firm’s experience and expertise, and it should provide visitors with the information they need in language and formatting that make it easy to digest. The firm’s content should entice visitors to stay, and it should ultimately compel those who need help to get in touch.

Writing Content for a New Law Firm Website

A typical law firm website will have a variety of types of pages, all of which serve their own distinct purposes. There is no benefit to having content simply for content’s sake. I focus on writing content that is relevant to potential clients and referral sources, while also assisting with recruiting and other positioning needs as well. This includes writing pages such as:

  • Practice Area Pages
  • About, Careers, and Diversity & Inclusion Pages
  • Attorney Bios
  • FAQs Pages
  • Comprehensive Guides (5,000+ words)

Supplementing Your Law Firm Website’s Existing Content

In addition to developing content for new websites, I also assist law firms with supplementing their existing website content. This includes helping small firms expand their websites as their practices grow, as well as working with larger firms to enhance their online presence. If your firm has an existing website and you are looking for a writer who can help with building out more pages, I encourage you to get in touch.

Regularly Scheduled Blog Articles

Much of my work involves writing regularly scheduled blog articles for law firms. Whether to improve your law firm’s SEO, generate content for an email newsletter, push content to social media, or simply keep your firm’s website up to date, publishing weekly or bi-weekly articles can serve a variety of purposes. Depending on a firm’s needs, I will typically write anywhere from 2 to 10 articles per month—though I also work with firms that publish as many as four 1,500-word articles per week.

Working with Your Law Firm’s Web Design or SEO Company

As a law firm website content writer, I regularly work with web design and SEO companies in addition to working with law firms directly. Most web design and SEO companies do not have in-house writers who specialize in writing legal content. If desired, I can work with your firm’s marketing agency during the process of:

  • Building a New Law Firm Website
  • Expanding or Refreshing Your Firm’s Website
  • Adding Content to an Existing Site for SEO Purposes

With this approach, you can be as involved (or not involved) as you want to be. I have handled many law firm website content projects without the firm’s direct involvement, and I have worked with attorneys who prefer to be collaborative partners in the process. Whichever approach you prefer, I can deliver all necessary content in accordance with your web design or SEO company’s publication schedule.

My Approach to Writing Law Firm Website Content

Whether we work together directly or you connect me with your law firm’s web design or SEO company, I will take the same approach to developing your law firm’s website content. My approach involves:

  • Developing a Plan – Before I do any writing, I will work with you or your firm’s agency to develop a content plan with a clear purpose for every page.
  • Focusing on Your Attorneys’ Experience – I will collect information about your firm’s attorneys so that I can write content that reflects your attorneys’ unique backgrounds and experiences.
  • Focusing on Your Target Client Base – I will make sure I clearly understand your firm’s target audience so that I can craft content that speaks to your desired client base.
  • Conducting Comparative Research – When I handle your law firm’s website content project, I conduct comparative research to see what is being done—and what we can do better.
  • Drafting Custom-Tailored Website Content that Speaks to Your Desired Audience – Finally, I will draft custom-tailored website content that speaks to your firm’s audience, and I will do so within the deadlines we establish.

Contact Me for More Information

If you are interested in hiring me to write your law firm’s website content, please get in touch. Contact me to discuss your firm’s website project today.